Why A New Theory?

Here is the new version of ultrawave theory in book form. Due to its very important information, giving it away, as was done with the first version, seemed appropriate. There are several changes from the original to this version due to better information and the insights derived from it. My hope is that this book will be easier to read and understand than the first one and that you will see the simplicity and logic that ultrawave theory provides in understanding the Universe and how we can exist within it in the way that we experience it.

How to Build a Universe - Ultrawave Theory

Below are the Excel files for the power curves along with their generating data as presented in Chapter 5.

Figure 5.4 Curve and Data

Figure 5.5 Curve and Data

The two 3D .pdf files below are for Ih ice from Chapter 13. Although I feel certain that something fits within the ice hexagons to create the rigid structure, I may have this one wrong. This was the only construction I could find that fit the available dimensions and so I rolled with it, but there is something ugly about how these molecules form a 4-molecule chain when all the others prefer 6-molecule chains. If a better solution can be found it would not be a surprise.

Double-layer ice hexagons

Four-molecule ice seed

The last download from Chapter 16 is for sizing the Proto-particle, the likely sort of entity that is capable of creating a Universe like ours. This should give you an idea of the method I used for calculating the Archimedean spiral, and which seemed the best fit for how ultrawaves travel.

Proto-particle sizing